My Lovely Markys

I like Leonidas sweets very much. The best belgian chocolates. And I want to tell about Miami store where I ussually buy these sweets. About Marky’s.

Marky’s company has achieved a worldwide reputation thanks to its founder Mark Zaslavsky, a Ukrainian émigré who moved to Miami in 1980.

At the very beginning it was a small deli-grocery which sold imported caviar and smoked salmon. Step by step, a small “Russian shop” expanded its assortment with Russian candies and cakes, more kinds of caviar, exotic truffles, foie gras, meets, cheeses, fine wines and champagnes.

For more than 30 years of work Marky’s has expanded its range of supplied goods to 7 thousand products. Nevertheless, their main product is still the roe of valuable fish species. 21 species of diverse caviar can be found in on-line and off-line shops. That range includes the traditional classic black sturgeon caviar, the salmon roe, and the exotic red tobico sushi caviar. When it comes to such kind of food, Marky’s is considered to be an expert. Moreover the company offers its customers a variety of forms of fish eggs: fresh, frozen, or shelf stable.

Marky’s online store has also got a great range of cheeses, duck foie gras, truffles, olive oil, Spanish hams,etc.

The variety of food is so wide that it allows for anyone to pick up ingredients for anything you can think of. Main dishes, soups, side dishes, hot and cold appetizers, and desserts can all easily be made. Besides, there is a number of various sauces and spices, designed to improve the taste of your food.

Thus you can see that the assortment offered by Marky’s at the time of the store’s opening has only been expanding and intensifying. It is not only “Russian store” any more. They now sell products from France, Spain, Canada, Italy, Latin America, Asia, and more. Though one main thing never changes. It is the top quality of any given product on Marky’s many shelves.

This motto has allowed the company to extend its business for over three long decades. Now it is an international gourmet food emporium with a wide network of sturgeon and non-sturgeon caviar supplies from nearly every part of the world where manufactures can get caviar. And it one of the reasons of Marky’s success.

The other reason is the great reputation that surrounds the firm due to properly meeting obligations to partners and customers and only supplying products in their best quality.

In the 1990s the company reached a new level of its success. Due to its good reputation and extensive assortment of first-class products it got opportunity to supply restaurants, hotels, and grocery stores with delicacies. Some of New York’s best Russian restaurants, such as Brasserie Pushkin and Onegin are now the clients of Marky’s store.

In July 2005 Marky’s took part in Summer Fancy Food Show organized by The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, Inc. It was the largest specialty food event in North America which was held on July 10-12, 2005 at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City. Marky’s company was really proud then as they received a silver NASFT Product Award for its Terroirs d’Antan French crepes at the 51st Summer Fancy Food Show. These whole wheat crepes are imported weekly by air to ensure maximum freshness. They originate from Brittany, following an ancient traditional recipe. Terroirs d’Antan crepes are very versatile and can be wrapped around any filling.

In 2008 Marky’s recieved golden reward on the annual Avendra report, securing their status as one of the highest regarded gourmet food wholesalers in the southern United States. Avendra is North America’s leading procurement services company serving hospitality-related industries. An independent company, Avendra was established by Marriott International, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, ClubCorp USA, Inc., Bass Hotels & Resorts and Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. In 2015 Miami New Times Journal include Marky’s showroom as No1 gourmet market in Miami. They say: “Marky’s has it all. There’s the gourmet, with a rainbow of caviar from the inexpensive to the pricey and a freezer with lobes of foie gras. In this Russian specialty store, sure we can find perogies and Matryoshka dolls, but we have also come across incredible wines and this epic seven-layer dip type thing with herring, potato, mayo, carrots, beets, and eggs.”